Vegane Fleischalternativen / vegane Käsealternativen aus der Schweiz.


In Deutschland erhalten sie einen Teil der Vegusto-Produkte bei vielen Vegan-Versänden und Läden.
Sie können als Endkunde aber auch direkt bei Vegusto einkaufen.
Unser deutschsprachige im Elsass beliefert auch viele Kundinnen und Kunden aus Deutschland.

Vegusto No-Muh-Spiesse, gegrillt

Vegusto-Ländervertretungen gibt es bereits in Frankreich, Italien, England und Schweden.

Comments about Vegusto's products

«The first thought I had after tasting them was Oh.My.God.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I’d heard really good things about the Vegusto cheese products and have to say I was impressed.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «So this is what everyone went NUTS over. It's hard cheese from Vegusto...According to everyone that came into contact with this cheese, it is AMAZING. Apparently it has a rich aged cheese taste, so if you love hard cheese seek this out at all costs.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I immediately honed in on the Vegusto stall as I've tried their No-Muh-Chas melty cheese before and it's seriously good. They had a huge selection & I came home with some fondue, 2 tubes of melty cheese, parmesan snack cheese & 2 blocks of cheese, Walnut & Mildly Aromatic.   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I had the most amazing vegan cheese from Switzerland called Vegusto... if anyone is listening and wants to make a million dollars, strike some sort of deal with that company and bring it to the US. It will change your life.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «Oh my god that vegusto is amazing! Better than daiya! Yum!»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «The only vegan cheese that I can stand is Vegusto No-Muh.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «Wasn't very hungry this evening after such a big lunch but tasted the Vegusto cheese and was wowed!»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011